Classes: Puppy | Beginner Basics


Puppy | Beginner Basics 

Socialization & Manners - Six-week session | $145.00 

Puppy/Beginner PLUS Preschool | $205 

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Puppy | Beginner basics covers the following essentials: 

  • How to socialize your new puppy
  • How to build your dog’s confidence
  • Handling exercises
  • Relationship Building
  • How your body language and tone of voice effect your training
  • Basic Grooming
  • Use of humane, force free training equipment
  • How to teach basic behaviors: Sit, Wait, Leave it, Drop it, Down, Stand, Stay, Come when called
  • Attention/name game, and Polite leash walking.

All classes held at: 

1409 Vandenbroek Road
Little Chute, WI 54140 

Puppy | Beginners Basics - Six week sessions beginning on: 

Wednesday, June 10 (FULL) 

Thursday, July 9 (FULL) 

Wednesday, August 5 (FULL) 

Thursday, September 3 

Tuesday, September 29 

Class Times: 

Puppy/Beginner classes are at 6:00 pm and 7:15 pm - The first night of class will be at 7:00 pm (and last for 2 hours) for a combined orientation, without dogs.