Classes: Mini Courses: Leash Manners or Reliable Recall


Mini Courses: Leash Manners or Reliable Recall 

Two Week Session - $50.00 

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Does you dog struggle while on a walk? When you call your dog do you feel as if you're speaking to the wall?  

Two common behavior concerns are the inability to call a dog back to their people, especially if there is a distraction present, and struggling to meet exercise needs because the walk is not enjoyable for either species due to pulling or frequent stops. 

During each two week Mini Course we will focus on one behavior only, either leash skills or prompt recall. Expect to see improvement in behavior within the time frame of the course but remember, these skills will take continued practice to perfect! 

All classes held at: 

1409 Vandenbroek Road
Little Chute, WI 54140 

Mini Courses (Leash Manners or Reliable Recall) 

Two Week Mini Sessions Beginning on: 


Class Times: 

Leash Manners 6pm 

Reliable Recall 7.15pm